Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ten Precepts (Taoism)

''Wang Liping'', , Wayfarer of Wang Yongsheng,born in 1949. Master Wang Liping is eighteenth-generation Transmitter of the Dragon Gate Taoism龙门派 branch of Complete Reality Taoism.


Master Wang Liping was trained by 3 Taoism hermits, named Zhang Hedao--Dragon Gate Taoism 16th Transmitter, Wang Jiao Ming and Jia Jiaoyi --Dragon Gate Taoism 17th transmitters, who lived in Mount Lao of Shandong Province. Master Wang Liping currently lives in Mainland China. Recent years, he has been known as Modern Taoist . The Chinese versionamed , which describes the process of his training. By using contemporary languages, Master Wang teaches people parts of which is a book about Internal alchemy arts written by Zhongli Quan in Han Dynasty. The art of Master Wang's teaching were called "Internal alchemy of Ling Bao Intelligence Enlightenment". Another book named was published in mainland China. In this book, the Master Wang's 20 years teaching philosophy and practices were recorded.

Public Media Report

Chinese Media Report

Reported by reference 1, China pre-president Jiang Zemin had recommended Master Wang Liping to Russian pre-president Boris Yeltsin for disease treatment. Master Wang Liping taught Taoists and Taoism practitioners Internal alchemy at Lou Guan Temple in 1998 . In 2007, Master Wang Liping taught Taoists and Taoism practitioners Internal alchemy at Yu Chan Temple of Hainan province. In 2007, 8 European were trained by Master Wang Liping for Internal alchemy practicing based on , the report was published in 《contemporary Academic Research 》.

Western Media Report

In 2007, David Verdesi or David Shen and his students trained with Master Wang Liping . It turned out that this group were the first group of western students to study close-door teachings with Wang Liping, a man whose achievements are beyond human imagination; a teacher that Daoist monks and officials wait years to meet let alone train with .

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