Thursday, September 11, 2008

Donglin Academy

The Donglin Academy , also known as the Guishan Academy , was originally built in A.D. 1111 during the Northern Song dynasty at present-day Wuxi in China. It was originally a school where the neo-Confucian scholar Yang Shi taught, but later fell into disuse.

In 1604, during the Wanli era, Gu Xiancheng (顧憲成 Gù Xiànchéng, , a Ming Grand Secretary, along with Gao Panlong , a scholar, restored the Donglin Academy on the same site with the financial backing of local gentry and officials. The academy gave its name to the resulting Donglin movement.

The Donglin Academy can be found at 867, Jiefang Donglu, Wuxi City.

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