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Li Tang (hall of worship)

Xu - The emblem of ]]

The Li Tang is a place to perform religious rituals and to learn the teachings of Confucius. Basically the function of Wen Miao and Li Tang are the same; the only difference perhaps is the architecture.

Boen Bio

Boen Tjhiang Soe , which then become Boen Bio , was built in 1883 and is located at Jalan Kapasan No. 131 Surabaya. The Colonial Dutch called it "Gredja Boen Bio" or "Geredja Khonghoetjoe" or Confucius Church. At the present time it is a place of worship for Confucians in Surabaya, which being cultivated by MAKIN – , the Council of Confucianism of Indonesia in Surabaya.

Li Tang

Besides Boen Bio, Confucians in Indonesia established throughout Indonesia what they called Li Tang - Halls of Worship.

For detailed information regarding Wen Miao, please see Temple of Confucius)

List of Li Tang throughout Indonesia

* Island of Jawa
*# Boen Bio Wen Miao, Jalan Kapasan No. 131, Surabaya.

*Island of Sumatra

*Island of Kalimantan

*Island of Sulawesi
*# Litang Gerbang Kebajikan, Manado.

Dr Thomas Kang had an impressive experience when he made a pilgrimage to Confucian Churches in Indonesia.

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