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List of Chinese philosophers

This article is a list of .


*Laozi , illusive founder of Taoism and author of the Tao te Ching .
*Zhuangzi , mystical and relativistic skeptic.
*Lie Yukou, said to be the author of the Daoist book ''Liezi''.
* Wang Pi, Three Kingdoms philosopher

Philosophers from other early schools

*Mozi , utilitarian and founder of the school.
*Hui Shi, relativistic who influenced Zhuangzi.
*Gongsun Long, who was known for his paradoxes.
*Han Feizi, synthesizer of theories.


*Linji , founder of the Linji school of Buddhism in China, a branch of which is the Rinzai school in Japan.

*Huineng The 6th buddhist patriarch of the Chan School in China, he established the concept of "no mind".

*Zhaozhou A famous chan master during the 8th century, noted for his wisdom. Became known for his subtle teaching methods and his use of gongans.


*Zhu Xi , rationalist and leading figure of the School of Principle.
* Tu Wei-ming, ethicist
*Wang Yangming, idealist and leading figure of the School of Mind.

Modern philosophers

* Feng Youlan , rationalist who integrated Neo-Confucian, Taoist, and Western metaphysics.
* Han Yu, founded Neo-Confucianism, essayist, and poet.
* Jin Yuelin Logicial positivist and logician.

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